i'm red, or max.

i have a lot of interests, most of them engineering-related. i might put a bit more here at some point, but for now this site is mostly just a collection of links :p

main things

most recent semi-interesting project: trying to recreate the dormio, probably with some more up-to-date hardware




assorted remarks

the text 'red is purple' on a purple background an animation alternating between the shell prompt [slonk ~]$ and the text 'slonk.ing,' with some purple-and-white decorations on the top and bottom 'nikolan' on a green background 'velzie' next to pixel art of lamp lighter from oneshot, with what seems like a gallon jug of coffee in hand, staring out into a corru.observer-esque void the text 'beep boop bip bop :3 ^w^ mrrp' next to a drawing of (i think?) unnick's fursona the text 'sleepy.ink' on a rainbow gradient background the text 'authen' next to a spinning cube of (i think) a blurry picture of authen's cat 760ce's uuid with neko arc by the side 'hi i'm lars' next to lars' profile pic as of 2024-06-17 the text 'essem' next to a drawing of essem's profile pic the text maia.crimew.gay next to pixel art of a white cat with black spots 'server scanning inc' in minecraft font with a green radar spinning around in the background an animation that displays pixel art of what looks like a close-up of a face before switching to the text 'corru.observer' next to a barcode with a corrucyst in the background the text 'eightyeightthirty.one' overlaid over several differently-colored spheres 'adhd' on a white-and-yellow background the text 'archlinux' next to the old arch linux logo the rockbox logo